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Mobile phone - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ... which connects it to the main phone network. As the mobile phone moves around, if the mobile phone gets too far away from the cell it is connected to, ...

Form factor (mobile phones) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Form factor refers to a mobile phone's size, shape, and style, as well as the layout and position of the phone's major components. There are three major form factors ...

Simple English Wikipedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Simple English Wikipedia is an English edition of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, primarily written in Basic English and Special English

Fashion accessory - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... A fashion accessory is a decorative item that supplements one's outfit. Items such as such as jewellery, gloves, handbags, hats, belts, scarves, watches, sunglasses ...

Mobile Phone Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia - Best Cellphone ... Mobile Phone Wikipedia Simple English; Mobile Phone Wikipedia In Hindi; Mobile Phone Wikipedia History; Mobile Phone Wikipedia India; Mobile Phone Wikipedia In Tamil;

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