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Customer Service Guides

What Exactly Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey?

What Exactly Is a Customer Satisfaction Survey? A customer satisfaction survey is a way of determining what a customer really thinks about a product or service from a company. The customer answers a variety of questions regarding the product itself as well as the person who sold the product to the... Read More »

Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Are Important.

Why should you, as a small or mid-sized business owner, conduct customer satisfaction surveys? Simply put, you need to know what your customers think about your product or service so that you can develop smart growth strategies. Read More »

Customer Service Questions and Answers

Why is customer service and customer satisfaction so important in business?

In the old days (those golden ages of American business), almost all customers and consumers were under the impression that the companies as they were purchasing from were only producing quality products that would last and last and last. Read More »
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Custom T Shirt

Neptune Quay, Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Nova Forwarding

7 Hollybush Dr, Felixstowe, United Kingdom

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Clearscore Limited

Unit 1, Tudor Works, 20 Turret Ln, Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Formula One Autocentre Ipswich

2 Goddard Rd, Ipswich, United Kingdom

StorestoreCar Repaircar_repair
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The Party Balloon Company

7A Stoke Hall Rd, Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Hammond Auto Serv Ltd

Nacton Rd, Ipswich, United Kingdom

Car Repaircar_repair
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Wyards Removals Ltd

Knightsdale Rd, Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Grey Friars Rd, Ipswich, United Kingdom

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Total PC Solutions

Office 10/Haven House/Albemarle St, Harwich, United Kingdom

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Hawk Express Cabs

4 Old Foundry Rd, Ipswich, United Kingdom

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